Asthma is a chronic condition that occurs in about 8% of Canadians. In general, asthma is an inflammatory representation of your airways, which includes airway constriction, swelling, narrowing and may produce too much mucus. The severity of symptoms may depend from person to person as well as on their triggers (exercise, smoking, pollution etc.).

Breathing is one of the most vital living requirements and it’s important to not only be able to breath, but be able to breath DEEP, with no pain or discomfort. Conventional medicine focuses on reducing asthmatic symptoms which comes with side effects, but luckily there is a more effective way to manage asthma, through naturopathic medicine. In naturopathic medicine, treatment includes addressing the possible cause, as well as strengthening your lungs and reducing inflammation in your air way passages.

Usually, a triad of eczema, allergies and asthma are observed in patients. Therefore it’s important to get to the root cause and treat the body as a whole, rather than individual symptoms.

Asthma treatment in Toronto and Vaughan


Some of the common causes include:

  • Family History of asthma or allergies
  • Allergies – whether from food, environment or chemicals
  • Smoking or second hand smoking
  • Being born by C-section
  • Lifestyle factors including jobs (such as hair dressers and factory workers), living location (living beside a highway, busy city etc.)

Triggers include:

  • Cold air
  • Being overweight
  • Food allergies,
  • Respiratory infections
  • Emotional stress
  • Menstrual cycle! Did you know hormonal changes have a connection to asthmatic triggers?

Perimenstrual asthma: from pathophysiology to treatment strategies

Asthma Naturopathic Treatment

Dr. Tali’s approach to natural treatment of asthma is through an individualized evidence based approach. The goals of treatment are to identify the factors and triggers that aggravate your asthma attacks, reduce and prevent asthma symptoms as well as improve lung health by strengthening it. This will be done through an individualized approach, as no two bodies are the same. All while using herbal medicine, supplements, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, diet, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

While it’s important to minimize asthmatic symptoms and prevent attacks, Dr. Tali strives to improve quality of life by addressing the underlined factors and the associated factors. We need to realize that although some barriers to your asthma treatment can be removed, some can’t be removed. Therefore, Dr. Tali, a Toronto naturopath, strives to focus on building your lung strength and reduce inflammation in your airways.

A note on conventional medications – if your asthma is severe enough, most likely you have been put on medications by your Pulmonologist or medical doctor. Whether your goal is to stay on them and add additional natural supportive treatment, reduce dosage, or come off of them, Dr. Tali will communicate with your prescribing doctor. Interactions between all medications and supplements / herbs will also be checked and addressed.