Weight Loss

If you are interested in a natural approach to weight loss, learning how to maintain the weight and figuring out the root cause of your weight gain, you are in the right place.

You may have tried diets, calorie restriction, over exercising, detoxes, or perhaps you haven’t started because you are confused at what are the things you should be doing.

Dr. Tali’s weight loss approach is to first figure out why you aren’t losing weight. See, our current living situation, in such a busy world, can really impact our health and metabolism. Anything from stress, nutrition deficiencies, sluggish liver, digestive concerns, hormonal concerns and even just lack of good sleep can impact not only our ability to lose weight but also be a cause to the weight gain.

Yo-yo dieting is a proven metabolic destructor. It has been proved to cause insulin resistance which increases your risk to diabetes. Furthermore, it can really impact your hormones and cause additional hormonal imbalances. Remember, the body should be able to lose weight without a big fight, if you have that fight, there is most likely an imbalance waiting to be fixed.

Naturopathic Weight Loss Program In Toronto

Why It Hasn’t Worked For You So Far..

Weight gain and fluctuations can be a result of many combined factors such as: digestive health, dysbiosis, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, estrogen dominance, menopause & peri-menopause, testosterone imbalances, chronic pain, mobility restriction, chronic conditions, etc. An especially important contributor is your digestion; sluggish bowels and sluggish liver have been associated with weight gain and difficulty losing weight, which can be due to toxins, inflammation, diet etc.

Stress and lifestyle are huge factors impacting your ability to break down those fat cells and build lean muscle. Did you know that high levels of stress hormone, aka cortisol, can increase your resistance to insulin further causing you to gain weight? Why, you may be asking; insulin is an anabolic hormone. Anabolic hormones BUILD, where’s catabolic hormones BREAK DOWN. When in insulin resistance state, insulin increases and tells your body to store more fats and sugars. If interested, you can read more about insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Therefore, it takes much more than just diet and exercise to lose weight and maintain it. We need to remove the causing factors, improve metabolism and use a sustainable approach to lose weight.

If you are constantly hungry, there may be an underlined hormonal issue, Dr. Tali, a Toronto naturopath, will check this through blood testing.

Individualized Weight Loss

Dr. Tali`s natural treatment approach to weight loss is simple, individualized and uses evidence based natural medicine. No two bodies are the same, and therefore treatment is never the same. In order to customize an individualized treatment for your body and weight goals, you will go through an in-depth history and dive deep into your past metabolism as well as current, to understand how your body has changed.

In depth lab work will be done, which will be referred to your medical doctor to assess hormonal levels, nutrition deficiencies, inflammatory markers etc. Depending on the results, if additional testing is needed, Dr. Tali offers a wide variety of testing in order to get to the bottom of your weight concerns. Such include a Comprehensive Hormone Testing, Adrenal Hormone Testing, stool analysis and gut health, food sensitivities etc.

You will be given a comprehensive treatment customized for you consisting of herbal medicine, supplements, nutraceuticals, diet, nutrition, exercise program as well as lifestyle changes. All while addressing the root cause and any metabolic imbalances you may be having. You will also be given a general diet guideline to follow as well as a detailed diet plan if requested. While improving your metabolism, Dr. Tali also strives to boost your energy, improve quality of sleep, reduce inflammatory markers and optimize your hormonal levels.