Hi there! Tali here, Welcome!


Just wanted to share with you some parts of my journey and a little bit about my ‘why’…


My journey with natural medicine started at a very young age. For those of you who don’t know, I have been in competitive dancing for over 10 years, started when I was 4 years old. Throughout the years I have learned the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, hard work and dedication.

As I reached my teenage years, I went into a battle with an eating disorder. And let me tell you… It was consuming. I have struggled, a real struggle. I have restricted nutrition, friendships, help and became really great at isolating myself from life and experiences. It was a true obsession!

At this point I began to increasingly appreciate the power of nature and the bodies ability to heal itself from all the damage and hardships I put it through due to restricting my body from the necessary nutrients. I owe my place on this earth today, to natural medicine and my supportive family.

A few years later, digestive and hormonal symptoms began to pop up, some would say as a consequence of how I treated my body through the years: over exercising, nutrient depletion and stress. With the help of Naturopathic Medicine I was able to reset my body and mind using research and evidence based medicine: botanicals, supplements, nutrition, acupuncture and lifestyle changes.

The thing is, all of us are going through something and we are all stressed on some level. Some of us don’t acknowledge it and this stress manifests in different symptoms, conditions and diseases… Some of us probably have accepted it as our ‘daily norm’… and some of us just simply don’t know how to deal with it.

On top of that, the food on our plate isn’t like it was many years ago and the environmental conditions don’t always work in our favour. I am here to tell you that the daily stress, low energy, moodiness, pain and whatever else is affecting your quality of life- isn’t normal. Just because ‘everyone’ is experiencing some of the above, doesn’t mean you have to, and doesn’t mean you should let it affect your quality of life. We can work together to take control of it, because my goal is- to help you feel your best self. I am dedicated to guide you every step of the way in helping you to achieve your health goals.