Naturopathic Medicine


Botanical Medicine

The use of plants as medicine. Plants contain different medicinal compounds in different parts (flowers, stems, roots, etc). One of my favourite forms of evidence based medicine, as I get to compound it individually and select the combination of plants, dosages as well as the administration form (decoction, tea, tincture, ointment etc). The medicinal aspect of plants has been utilized for more than 5,000 years and is the foundation for modern pharmacology.

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Beyond the 3,500 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine use, Acupuncture has tremendous research in various fields of study including but not limited to: digestion, oncology, mental health, sleep & stress & fatigue, hormonal regulation, chronic pain & inflammation, headaches, chronic conditions, and many more! In fact, acupuncture is so effective in many conditions that many western medicine practitioners have incorporated it in their practice, using anatomy and physiology to stimulate the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system to treat pain conditions. I use both Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture as well as Western Acupuncture.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition isn’t only what you eat, but also what you absorb. Just because something is healthy and nutritious doesn’t mean its healthy and good for you. My goal is to figure out what works best for you and provide you with the guidance that you will be able to incorporate as a lifestyle rather than a temporarily change. I provide recipes, guidelines, and the most important- flexibility and flavour. Using food, quite literally, as medicine. Lifestyle counselling covers different topics including but not limited to: sleep, hygiene, product safety, active living, skin care, hair health, anti-aging and etc.

Dietary Supplements

Supplements and nutraceuticals are great as they can provide easy access to high dosages of specific extracts, vitamins and minerals. This is an evidence based approach tailoring dose and duration. The beauty in supplements is that they work synergistically with the rest of your treatment. However, diet and lifestyle would always be first line of therapy as supplements should be just that- to supplement!


An important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Typically used for musculoskeletal conditions as well as chest congestion. The suction of the silicon cups increases circulation into the area which helps reduce inflammation and pain. Years ago they used fire and glass cups but now they invented plastic and silicon suction cups which is much safer to use because this eliminates the fire/burning hazard. Its great for neck tension, back pain, headaches, plantar fasciitis etc.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Are you missing your youthful looking skin? A customized treatment of facial rejuvenation acupuncture is used for: face lift, acne, age spots, wrinkles, scars and other anti-aging purposes. This will increase muscle tone, blood flow, lymphatic drainage as well as reduce puffiness, and encourage that collagen production!
Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it deserves some loving!
Depending on your needs and nutritional status, herbs and supplements may be added to your treatment for a maximal benefit! Get a free consultation about your skin health and your beauty questions. Book now-