High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential part of the human body, as it is present in every cell. However, high cholesterol levels can predispose you to many conditions including a heart disease. Naturopathic medicine is great at treating cholesterol, reducing your bad cholesterol levels (LDL), increasing your healthy cholesterol levels (HDL) and preventing any complications arising from high cholesterol. It’s important to treat it as it can deposit plaques in your arteries and further cause heart attack, stroke, or coronary artery disease.

High cholesterol, also known as hypercholesterolemia, can actually be a part of something called a metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors that include: over weight, high blood pressure, high LDL and low HDL. This affects about 1 in 4 people. This is a problem with your metabolism rather than just blood pressure directly. Naturopathic medicine is great at addressing metabolic syndrome at it’s root cause and giving you the tools to regain power for a healthy metabolism.

High Cholesterol treatment in Toronto


  • Familiar hypercholesterolemia – a very common genetic anomaly that predisposes you to higher cholesterol.
  • Diet – a diet high in unhealthy fats can increase your cholesterol. What most people are unaware of, is that it’s actually much more common to be due to a high carbohydrate diet, rather than a high fat diet. A diet high in sugars can cause a fatty liver disease and obesity, which has further implications on cholesterol levels and overall health.
  • Obesity – increases LDL storage through your liver.
  • Lack of exercise – exercise is helpful to manage weight and increase HDL. Lack of exercise influences lipid imbalance.
  • Smoking – damages your blood vessels, as well as increases LDL and decreases HDL.
  • Diabetes – high blood sugars can damage the lining of your blood vessels as well as increase LDL.
  • Age – reduces liver capacity to remove excess lipids.
  • Liver disease – hepatitis, alcohol related liver disease and non alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) can influence liver detoxification pathways and affect the ability of the liver to get rid of LDL.

High Cholesterol Naturopathic Treatment

Hypercholesterolemia can be well managed using evidence based naturopathic medicine. Dr. Tali strives to address the root cause of your cholesterol imbalances and get to healthy lipid levels in the blood. This includes LDL levels, HDL levels as well as triglycerides.

Addressing hypercholesterolemia will be done through an individualized based treatment, as no two bodies are the same. Some of the naturopathic modalities used are herbal medicine, supplements, nutraceuticals, diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

The goal for hypercholesterolemia treatment is to manage healthy lipid blood levels as well as reduce any complications associated with it. If you choose to take medications, it can come with side effects such as muscle pain etc. Dr. Tali will help you manage those side effects if your plan is to stay on them. Nutrient depletion is a common side effect associated with cholesterol medication so that will be assessed as well.