Infertility & Miscarriage 

You are struggling with infertility if you have tried to become pregnant for a year or more. Infertility is also the inability to carry to term, so if you have multiple miscarriages, you are also likely to be considered infertile.

Infertility can be complex, and you have to remember that it takes 2 people to procreate. So it’s important to address male fertility as much as female fertility. According to National Women Health Resource Centre, a couple has a 20%-25% chance to conceive at any given month.

one third of those struggling with infertility are due to female factors such as hormone imbalances, one third are due to male factors such as poor semen quality / quantity and the other third is due to both male and female factors. Approximately 15% of the cases are ‘unexplained’.

Infertility and miscarriage resulting in a negative pregnancy test

Some of these ‘unexplained’ factors can be diagnosed or undiagnosed fibroids, polyps, cysts, PID, endometriosis, overweight / obesity, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, stress, toxins / other hormonal disruptive agents.

As you can see, infertility can be due to many potential causes. Naturopathic Medicine is great at helping women and men improve their fertility, optimize sperm and egg quality as well as support a healthy pregnancy. There are many cases of ‘unexplained fertility’. Dr. Tali and you will be digging to the root of your problems and addressing it system by system. There is so much important research on how different supplements can optimize eggs, sperm, improve uterus lining etc. This is something you most likely won’t be talking to your gynaecologist about.

Dr. Tali will communicate and work in collaboration with your family doctor or fertility specialist.

Can I benefit if I am already doing assisted reproduction technology such as IVF/ IUI?

Dr. Tali works with patients undergoing IVF, IUI etc. She supports the process by improving fertility markers and rates. This is done by acupuncture, supplements / herbs, diet and lifestyle. Safety is everything, please make sure you get the help you need from someone qualified! Dr. Tali does fertility acupuncture – research shows that combining acupuncture with IVF doubles the pregnancy rate versus just IVF alone!

Every person is unique. You are unique. You are different. Individualized medicine is key.

Let’s make sure you get the care you deserve.

Infertility & Miscarriage Treatment

Dr. Tali`s natural treatment approach to infertility is very comprehensive. It’s based on a very thorough intake addressing past history, current history, hormonal changes, diet, lifestyle, nutrition etc. You will be given a very in-depth blood work that is done on certain days of your cycle to understand your hormones better. A comprehensive hormone testing may be suggested based on your case.

The reason why Naturopathic medicine is great for treating infertility naturally, is because it approaches a different aspect of medicine that regular conventional medicine often ignores. Naturopathic medicine fertility treatment involves not only figuring out the hormonal imbalance but also optimizing your eggs, sperm, as well as the environment the baby will grow in – your uterus and your body!

Natural treatment / Naturopathic Medicine for infertility was documented to be about 80% successful according to results from the University of Surrey. You want a qualified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor that incorporates an evidence based approach.