Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of a few risk factors that predispose you to multiple conditions. The combination of symptoms is associated with your blood sugars, blood pressure, fat deposition and blood lipid markers. The American Heart Association estimated that about 1 in 4 people have a metabolic syndrome, and most are unaware of it.

This combination of risk factors predisposes people to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and a wide array of complications. Therefore, it’s important to address those factors at the root cause and the stem of the problem – METABOLISM, rather than just trying to lower each individual symptomatically.

Having one of the components of the metabolic syndrome, raises your chances to get the other ones. For example, if you have high blood pressure, it raises your chances to also having high cholesterol and insulin resistance.

If you have tried everything to lose weight and improve those markers, don’t worry. Sometimes it has to do more with your metabolism and hormones than diet and lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle are big factors, but if you have worked on them and still struggle, you came to the right place. Let’s fix it. Let’s teach the body how to effectively get the nutrition it needs in order to have a healthy speedy metabolism.

Natural weight loss in Toronto for metabolic syndrome

Diagnosis & Causes

Metabolic syndrome is diagnosed if you have at least 3 of the following:

  • High blood triglycerides levels
  • High blood pressure / elevated blood pressure (>135 systolic or >85 diastolic)
  • Elevated fasting sugars – anything over 5.6 and higher
  • Low HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Abdominal obesity / large waist – when majority of the fat concentrates in the mid section

Insulin resistance and high cortisol levels are one of the main causes to metabolic syndrome. These 2 can really affect inflammation, hormones, lipid levels and metabolism overall. Insulin resistance is a state that if isn’t treated, can lead to diabetes. Dr. Tali does an in-depth intake to determine your metabolic health and whether or not you are in insulin resistance stage.

Our metabolism can become damaged by: very low fat diet & very high carb diet, low protein diet, nutrient deficiencies, yo-yo dieting, chronic under-eating / over-eating, fasting too long, over exercising, chronic stress and lack of good sleep. PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome is a metabolic condition and can predispose you to a full array metabolic syndrome. Diabetes – if you have diabetes, or had gestational diabetes, it can predispose you to a metabolic syndrome as well.

Metabolic Syndrome Naturopathic Treatment

Metabolic syndrome is well managed through the use of naturopathic medicine. Dr. Tali’s natural approach to treating metabolic syndrome is evidence based. It’s important to treat this as a whole rather than symptom by symptom as this is due to your metabolism. That is why a shift in your metabolism has to happen, and with the help of evidence based naturopathic treatment,  we can accomplish that. With Dr. Tali, you will get an individualized treatment tailored to your body and needs, as no two bodies are the same. This will be used in combination of appropriately researched herbal medicine, supplements, diet, nutrition, lifestyle changes etc.

While getting to the root cause of your metabolic syndrome through an in-depth intake, testing may be necessary to figure out other predisposing factors. Based on your individualized case, if needed, Dr. Tali may recommend Adrenal Hormone Testing, Female Hormone Testing and Comprehensive Stool Analysis. Blood work will be useful to assess your nutrient deficiencies and inflammatory markers as these can predispose you too.

Dr. Tali will work with you to improve your markers such as balance out your lipid levels, reduce abdominal body fat / weight loss, manage blood pressure and healthy blood sugar levels. While addressing these factors, it’s important to prevent future complications (such as heart disease). Your hormones and inflammation markers will also be addressed to make sure you are on the right path.