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Do I have your attention now? Good, keep reading!

The pandemic as been a real impact lately. SO much unknown and yet so much is in the process to answer the questions!

So what’s the link between COVID19 to SARS, Ebola and Zika Viruses? ?

Other than the fact that they are all viruses, there is another surprising connection!

Quercetin ?- its a natural compound, bioflavonoid, extracted from plants! A highly potent anti-viral compound that has been shown to be “potential drug in clinical treatment of SARS” PMID: 17046271.

Did you know? SARS is a type of Corona Virus.

After the SARS outbreak researchers have been trying to find a treatment plan just incase it were to come back and there is a lot of research on quercetin and quercetin like compounds inhibiting proteolyric activity of the virus. (Journal of Medical Virology).

Right now there is a big research undergoing in China, for infected people by #covid_19 to be treated by a high dose of Quercetin. This research is overlooked by Montreal Clinical Research Institute (#IRCM). – Link below.
?Fun Fact- Quercetin has been shown to have a “promising anti viral activity against 2 species of Ebola Virus” PMID: 27297486! In fact, there have been studies done in #winnipeg at the Canadian National Microbiology Lab- the study was done on rats who have been injected with Ebola and treated with high dose Quercetin! Later on, Quercetin has also been researched as potential treatment for Zika virus!

Other uses: Quercetin is used for allergies (anti-histamine effect), its a high anti-oxidant & anti carcinogenic! (In addition to a potent anti-viral and so much more immunity related)… honestly there is TONS more research on quercetin but we wont get into it right now as the topic is COVID-19.

IMPORTANT: This by no way shape or form means it’s effective towards COVID19, unfortunately everything is in research at the moment and all we can do is take the precautions discussed by Public Health & World Health Organization!

If you are looking to boost your immune system make sure to talk to your health care practitioner / Naturopathic Doctor .

Don’t Forget To- WASH YOUR HANDS!

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Quercetin, Ebola and Zika

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